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        [2015-6-8]Automotive stamping automation and informatization meeting goes well

        On May 20, 2015-22, by the Chinese press association "2015 metal forming industry automation and information technology conference, automotive stamping automation and information technology applicati…

        [2015-6-8]China's auto exports is declining Overseas market downturn

        According to the China association of automobile manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as the "RGL association") recently released by the China's auto exports, according to data from January 2015 to…

        [2015-6-8]Forging association, council of large forgings of the fourth annual me

        On May 25, 2015, large forgings countless docking exchange and the China association of forging large forgings council of the fourth annual meeting held in taiyuan in Shanxi Province. According to th…

        [2015-6-8]May yield more than 19000 cars in China's new energy

        According to motor vehicle factory certificate, in May of 2015, China's new energy automobile production 1.91, rose 3 times. Among them, the pure electric passenger car production 9922, rose 3 times,…

        [2015-6-8]In the first half of the continued downturn in the shipbuilding indust

        Recently, DNV GL to Greece consulate general in Shanghai, jointly organized the third annual Greek shipping day. In view of the shipbuilding market downturn this year, DNV, said an official with the …
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