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        "Made in China 2025" by the who to do?Home >> News and information
        "Made in China 2025" by the who to do?
        DateTime:[2015-6-8]    Browse the number: 747

        If you don't have jobs and that a group of engineers behind him, there will be no make numerous handsome young girl obsessed with apple. 2025 "it is not hard to imagine that" made in China need a large number of workers group leaders and more huge, obviously, these people at present China has not, gentle, or at least have extreme lack.

        In a entrepreneurs are more willing to through the estate planning, fry, fry, fry make quick s, in a talented young people are more willing to take an examination of civil servants, to live a decent and comfortable life s state-owned enterprises, who is going to carry the burden of "made in China 2025"? Review of early industrialization in China, it's a very sought-after s industrial workers, whether it is the beauty of the city or the country peasant, dreams to marry one of the workers. To complete the goal of "made in China 2025" strategy, the first is to make industrial workers with professional sense of honor and pride. China is a populous country, as long as have a reason to let a person tempted, will also worry about doing what no one?

        Germany is China's industrial standard 4.0. With Mercedes, BMW these global well-known industry brand in Germany, is also has a tradition of respect for industrial workers. Germany is not as competitive as China of the university entrance exam, to study vocational school and then went to the factory when the "engineer" (that is, China's domestic said workers), is the choice of most German high school students, the President of the many large enterprise also has been "engineer" dried up.

        Compared with learning German technology, is more essential is to build the kind of social atmosphere similar to Germany. Don't every day with the myth of the rich young man put on edge, but to allow the labor factor occupies a larger proportion in the distribution, let the wisdom and labor become the main way people get revenue, give workers more rising channel, let when workers become a popular thing again. Commendable is the "vocational education cycle" put forward the slogan: to promote labor glorious, skills, precious in the whole society, create a great era of fashion.

        The cultivation of leading by slow process, is not going to do that. Fortunately, this is an era of globalization, to developed countries "poaching", of course, is a pragmatic shortcut. For those who pay big money for talent, of course, to give people enough authority and space, don't use "Chinese characteristics" to bind and transform the somebody else. Must always remember, spend so big price please somebody else is not only to learn technology, but also to let people help "transform" soil, only the right soil, industrial 4.0 to earth sprout and take root in China and the result. Have foreign teacher "privilege" to do demonstration, advocating successful Chinese students will naturally grow up fast.

        Foreign teacher again good, also only have the effect of "get started", the development of vocational education to cultivate a large number of local talent, is the root of "made in China 2025". Maybe you don't know how much of China's professional and technical personnel, here to tell you a let a person a little sad reality - the emu drivers to work wearing nappies, because it is can't find so many gt2 class. As the premier li keqiang pointed out: to speed up the development of modern vocational education, is giving full play to the advantages of China's huge manpower, to promote the public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation strategy. The core of vocational education is to let the students to be dry, so it was the same scripted teaching method must be eliminated. To make students have more time, in the workshop in the factory, let them to contact even those advanced equipment operation, let they produce love, yearning for the future work and even infatuation. To let them know that "NiZhiFu bit" and "jian-xiu hao execution of work" of the story, encourage more students and workers to become creative talents, through the play to their wisdom and talents to achieve higher life values and life goals.

        "Made in China 2025" and the vital related to every Chinese, no one can in its outside. Two small examples, you'll be more easy to understand: standing in the traffic intersection, you see here in empty cab in passing, but is not stop to get off, can't car, originally the cars have already been using "drops" or "fast" made an appointment, not with the APP you have not hit the car. In some well-known large hospital, old doctor teeth-which awkwardly with "one finger" written records, if he refused to use a computer to work, he even medicine to consummate, can't go to realize the ideal of saving lives. "Made in China 2025" or industrial 4.0 makes profound changes in the world, even if you are man past middle age, all want to keep up with the pace, otherwise, you may no longer will you already familiar with the job, even with you don't understand your household appliances or cars.

        The future is a industrial workers to sought-after s, because the world will be better than we thought created from their hand. They are no longer the repetitive work on assembly line operator, will they be the creators of our own design program change product appearance and function. Countless Chinese jobs will be born from among them.

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