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        China's auto exports is declining Overseas market downturnHome >> News and information
        China's auto exports is declining Overseas market downturn
        DateTime:[2015-6-8]    Browse the number: 685

        According to the China association of automobile manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as the "RGL association") recently released by the China's auto exports, according to data from January 2015 to April, China exported 245000 cars, fell 14.6%. Among them, the passenger cars exported 136700 cars, fell 20.7%. Commercial vehicle export 108300, fell 5.5%.

        Exports of continuous decline

        China's automobile exports to enter in 2015, January has been declining trend, the RGL association was revealed, according to data from the enterprise out of the mouth for 61800 cars in China in January, a fall of 37.4% from last month, fell by 10% year-on-year. In continuous decline in exports last month hit particularly hard, car exports in April 61600, fell 11.8%, 21.5% year-on-year drop in its monthly largest decline since this year. Among them, the passenger cars exported 32000 cars, than the same period last year dropped 31.3%, than in March fell by 17.8%, and by the end of April this year passenger car exports fell by 20.7%. The RGL association has made the forecast that exports of about 860000 cars in China this year, fell 5% year on year. Among them, the passenger car exports is expected to be 510000, fell 4%. Commercial vehicle exports is expected to be 350000, fell 5%.

        Export downturn in overseas markets

        This year Chinese complete vehicle export amount is only 18% of the total amount of the vehicle import and export, higher than 40% in 2007 fell 23%. China's auto export slump for recent months, the national passenger car association secretary-general Cui Dong tree, said the continued appreciation in the yuan in China, but the global economy is generally weak, makes our country automobile exports dropped inevitable, but the decline is not too big, will be stabilized at about 900000. At the same time, he thinks, Russia, Brazil and other overseas market in the doldrums, would be one reason for the decline in exports. Cui Dong tree, said the auto industry import and export situation and general characteristics of export-oriented economy, the export growth before 2008, but with the emergence of the world financial crisis in 2008, auto and parts export growth is far lower than the import growth, led to the 2010 vehicles and parts exports accounted for only 45% of the total proportion of imports and exports, share fell by 14% in less than three years' time. The automobile industry since 2011 exports grew faster than imports, exports accounted for 48% in 2012. As emerging market downturn in 2015, auto and parts exports accounted for still dropped to 45%.

        Adjust the policy to adapt to the market

        Although the decline is larger, but some insiders said, independent brands are still actively promote the brand in Russia and the Middle East manufacturing system layout, perfect marketing network, trying to get the new developed products more adapt to the local market to increase competitiveness. To this, the general manager, deputy general manager of chery, chery international company xiao-qing he also said: "now, chery has developed a series of perfect measures, through new products, improve service quality and brand building, to further improve the competitiveness of the product itself, to improve profitability. Next, the Chinese cars and power out of the mouth to more developed markets, and plays a more and more important role in developed markets."


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