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        Auto parts company: financing to promote upgradeHome >> News and information
        Auto parts company: financing to promote upgrade
        DateTime:[2015-6-8]    Browse the number: 748

        With constantly bullish stock market, the auto parts also ushered in the financing of listed companies intensive period. Many companies choose to issue shares to finance to support the enterprises strengthen the main business, develop new market, or the transformation of the development of new industries, and is planning a restructuring or interested in non-public enterprise is not in the minority.

        Financing has always been our auto parts enterprises have to talk about. Along with the improvement of scientific research strength, to promote the efficiency of automated production, speed up marketization of new material, new technology application, and wisdom to the manufacturing concept in the global scope of the influence to enhance positive role and the "made in China 2025" in put forward the requirement of the depth of industrialization and information fusion, our auto parts enterprises need to speed up the "metamorphosis". And a lot of auto parts enterprises are in the passive globalization trend from the past, grope for globalization development path, to take the initiative to develop globalization supporting ability. The process, many enterprises need a lot of financial support.

        Financing spring has come

        In recent months, there are at least hualand ding shares, both in automobile, electronic 8 listed auto parts companies, such as formal released non-public stock plan, plus the ocean motor, molding technology, jiangsu broad-mindedness, etc Is planning for non-public stock items or corporate restructuring and suspension, and last year released non-public stock plan of the enterprise, should have accumulated more than 20 and this does not include new auto zero parts company this year.

        We can see from these enterprises financing plan of auto parts in China in anticipation of the future market of listed companies, the analysis of their enterprise development. On the other hand, it also reflects our country capital market financing environment of change and development of Chinese auto parts industry strong demand for capital. The second half of this year, is likely to see more of the auto parts to join the "army" of financing of listed companies.

        An investment manager from ping an bank Shanghai branch for reporter has analyzed the current situation. He thinks, the world famous auto parts enterprises in China joint venture cooperation, led, in the domestic auto parts companies raising the level of research and development, production. Independent components has promoted the enterprise needs to research and development strength and the integration of industrial chain. Parts listed company should actively use the financing platform of capital strength, with large-scale merger integration for both at home and abroad.

        Optimize the structure of business promotion core product capacity

        Nowadays, with the core of intelligent new technologies and new energy revolution of overlap is driving car industry ecological form, changing the car industry competition and development way, provides a strategic opportunity for auto parts enterprises transformation development. Under such a background, on April 21, the domestic one of the largest automotive parts companies hualand cars, plans to raise capital of 8.97 billion yuan, will focus on intelligent driving core zero parts research and development, new energy vehicles, automotive air conditioning system, mould and hot forming technology, etc, in order to realize the related resources integration and the coordinated development between the business sector. It is worth noting that saic to huizhong company 100% of the shares held to recognize purchase hualand car this offering 50% stake. Saic has gathered pace of its parts industry comprehensive adjustments.

        For the recent new listed auto parts company, they are more hope to raise money for a certain competitiveness components production capacity, it is easier to get support from the investors. Just listed soon tenglong shares, raising $387 million expansion project is commonly used in automobile heat exchange pipe and related accessories as well as the technology center construction, enhance the level of main business. Foda shares listed after the raise of RMB 1.2 billion is mainly used for the engine crankshaft, spiral bevel gears of automobile clutch, the main components such as production lines technology upgrades and intelligent, and a new Marine engine crankshaft project, the combination of independent innovation and the introduction of absorption, further enhance the core competitiveness.

        Control of advanced materials and technology to promote enterprise products to upgrade

        Continuous high quality assets overseas acquisitions is undoubtedly parts obtained international leading technology is one of the important channels of enterprises. All electronic announcement earlier this year, plans to set increases the acquisition of the German high-end 100% stake in the steering system assembly supplier Quin GmbH, further improve the enterprise key competitiveness in the field of electronic components in the chassis and sustained profitability. Recently published in the financing plan of ding shares, to raise funds to buy WEGU seismic noise reduction technology companies in Germany, improve harshness (NVH) (such as vibration, noise, comfort) key technology.

        The progress of the auto industry cannot leave the r&d of new material application. With the development of new energy vehicles the policy advantages, complete sets of mechanical and electrical integration of liquid equipment, energy-saving products manufacturing ShangHaiYuan machinery lightweight carbon fiber application target market. Sea machinery announced plans to raise capital of 600 million yuan, at the end of April to invest in new energy car carbon fiber body parts production technology and production equipment research and development projects. In market demand, the carbon fiber composite material used in new energy automobile body lightweighting has industrial feasibility. Wheel manufacturers wanfeng Mr Wei is committed to the application of magnesium alloy materials, wanfeng Mr Wei plans to spend 1.35 billion yuan to raise money to buy the parent company of wanfeng group holdings FengMei reading. Now, it seems, wanfeng magnesium rui Ding Zhu into the listed company, after bring wanfeng group, the industry will be worth far more than the original purchase price.

        Transformation of transboundary growth defuse potential crisis

        The operating performance of listed companies is not each auto parts are well. Because of a shortage of product upgrade space is limited, technology accumulation and the pressure of competition from foreign companies, many parts must be hampers the development of enterprises, and by the power of capital to achieve the transformation, become a shortcut to the components of the listed company.

        Dragon born shares is mainly engaged in r&d and production of car seat features a business, despite the size of its revenue in recent years to maintain good level, but the product gross margin decreased from 34.60% in 2010 to 25.82% in 2014. So the dragon born share scheme by entering emerging industries to build enterprise new profit growth point. Metamaterials technology, a new national strategic emerging industry, has become the dragon born co transformation goal, its plans to raise money as much as 7.2 billion yuan, investment metamaterials smart structure and equipment research and development, the industrialization project. Metamaterials can be integrated with the smart structure can significantly expand smart structure category and scope of awareness, detection of environmental stimuli, but real Now the traditional intelligent material structure can achieve high speed data transmission, electromagnetic wave control, high efficiency thermoelectric conversion, etc.

        Masson technology also is so, in the main supporting heavy industry for many years under the situation of the downturn, and revenue growth in the field of passenger vehicles co., LTD., masson technology decisions with the help of a country in city landscaping industry policy support, the road of "double industry" hand in hand. Earlier this year, masson technology plans to raise 1.2 billion yuan, this will make the company get the future 2 ~ 3 years of development funds, better expand landscaping business.

        Listed companies have good financing platform, we would like to see the listed company can make full use of this platform to do big industry chain and stronger. But on the other hand, listed companies should also recognize the risks of financial markets and relevant policy change. In corporate finance, there are still part of the enterprise IPO failed and was refused entry, there is also a part of the listed company withdrew a set of application because of a variety of reasons. So, it is good to "money in place" feeling, but listed companies not only "story", a concept of "fire", into financing, and should be used to better planning to raise money, down-to-earth make money, the enterprise.

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