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        Die steel consumption is the largest in China for seven yearsHome >> News and information
        Die steel consumption is the largest in China for seven years
        DateTime:[2015-6-8]    Browse the number: 707

        At present, the rapid development of the mould industry in China is rapid, the mould steel quantity, quality, variety, specifications, performance, etc. Put forward higher requirements. In recent years, the production of mould steel at home and abroad, production technology, process equipment, quality, variety has achieved great development. With the improvement of mold quality requirements, in the original cold work die steel, hot die steel and plastic die steel, on the basis of three categories, have developed a lot of new steel grade. Mould steel products to promote the development of the industrial products to the direction of high-grade, high added value.

        According to the survey, the output of die steel in China is growing rapidly in the past 20 years, ahead of other classes, steel die steel production accounted for about 80% of alloy tool steel, die steel consumption in China in 2012 to 1, 17 billion yuan, 2014 die steel scale in our country enterprise sales income of more than 800 one hundred million yuan, 1 mould of 2015, China's steel market size 2 500 kN. For seven years in our country to become the largest country in the world die steel consumption, accounting for 23% of global consumption. Although China is the world's die steel production country, but the gap between supply and demand of 85 billion yuan, more than 50% import dependency, and high-grade mold steel imports mostly.

        By the international economic recovery is slow and the influence of the slowdown, domestic mold steel industry continue to present a slack market demand, steel prices low volatility, high raw material prices and the operation of the economic decline. Although mould steel companies to take various measures to authors synergies, but facing the business situation is still very serious, mold steel industry high cost and low efficiency of short-term difficult to reverse.

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