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        Look at the current development of Chinese forging industry by large forgingsHome >> News and information
        Look at the current development of Chinese forging industry by large forgings
        DateTime:[2015-6-8]    Browse the number: 657

        2015 will be half in the past, China forging market appear calm, but system. Auto parts exports continue to active; China's high-speed rail to go global, related forging huge business opportunities; Policy support, the wind power industry, more exciting, along with the accelerated the construction of nuclear power policy clear, new nuclear construction conditions had been reached, large forgings industry face new opportunities. Forgings, here small make up for your marks 2015 years several cases of "event" of the market, from here you can see, the development of Chinese forging industry is not quiet.

        NO. 1 to fill the domestic blank Large nuclear power rotor forgings in double was born

        The nuclear demonstration projects unit 1 generator rotor forgings, the launch of the first domestic CAP1400 nuclear power rotor, in early 2015, completed in double processing and through the joint inspection. Industry experts said the CAP1400 shaft forgings finish machining marks in the manufacture of large forgings double production capacity again on a new step, also fills the domestic gap is currently not in the production of large-scale nuclear power rotor forgings.

        NO. 2 hill pushed forge the most coarse pitch 317 rb caterpillar track section forging products

        In February 2015, the current domestic most coarse pitch caterpillar track section 317 rb test forging forgings product success. The forging total length of about 480 mm, weight 30 kg. 317 rb adapter largest horsepower bulldozer SD90 caterpillar track section, and meet the domestic mining enterprises with bulldozers accessories domestic demand. Section 317 rb caterpillar track the success of the forging test ensures that the hill pushed in crawler chassis industry continue to maintain the leading position, at the same time in the big tonnage of chassis parts of a solid step forward on the road of nationalization.

        NO. 3 in the northeast special steel to produce large turbine forging products for the first time

        In March 2015, dalian northeast special steel group base on the 8000 tons of fast forging machine, produce the largest and most complex integral forging products for the first time. The product for the turbine shaft, length 6200 mm, maximum diameter of 1950 mm, weight is 64.5 tons. On March 11, quality inspection personnel base in the northeast special steel group dalian ultrasonic testing was carried out on the production of large-scale hydraulic turbine main shaft blank check.

        NO. 4 in guizhou aerospace civil high-end aeroengine forgings abroad

        In March 2015, guizhou aerospace science and technology company of civilian high-end aeroengine forgings heartening. LEAP in the United States GE aviation engine forging project 147 item in the global tender, guizhou aerospace winning 64 products, their share of overall bidding package nearly half. The move to break the civil aviation engine high-end forgings market was monopolized by the international giant history, created the China aviation high-end forging products abroad.

        NO. 5 southwest aluminum level successfully developed the world's largest aluminum ring

        In April, 2015, by the southwest aluminum with tianjin special steel forging co., LTD., the first new cooperative r&d rocket by the level of 9 meters large aluminum alloy ring successful development as a whole. This is by far the world maximum level of aluminum alloy integral ring, the ultra large aluminum alloy integral ring development success, will bring our country aerospace enterprise sustainable development.

        NO. 6 oversize ring type forgings in heavy forging success

        On April 21, 2015, oversize ring type forgings in taiyuan heavy forging success, marking the heavy in the field of large cylinder type forgings forging has reached domestic advanced level, among the domestic first phalanx in the field of forging. The forging diameter of 3900 mm, inner diameter is 3900 mm, height is 2265 mm, forging weighs 105 tons, using 167 tons of double vacuum ingot forging through multi-channel process.

        NO. 7 treasure titanium shares successfully forged domestic titanium longest axis steps

        In May 2015, treasure titanium co., LTD. Successful use of titanium and titanium alloy materials production forged shaft 13 meters long steps, created the domestic titanium processing and manufacturing new axis length in the history of the steps. The step shaft forging by free forging equipment fast forging machine and processing.

        In addition, a heavy, double, heavy held jointly "large-scale advanced PWR nuclear power nuclear main equipment development and engineering application" super large forgings, China heavy machinery research institute co., LTD., chongqing university and other nine units jointly developed the "120 mn level aviation aluminum alloy plate tension machine equipment" two projects, respectively, won the China machinery industry science and technology progress prize. Besides, forging leading enterprise technical reformation has significant effect to improve the consistency of product production, increase the stability of product quality greatly.

        Since this year, forging industry overall growth, transformation and upgrading of developing power lack of power, a difficult task. Influenced by national environmental protection, energy policy, forgings, such as diesel engine industry growth rate fell sharply, new energy vehicles, agricultural vehicles, subways, related accessories, electrical equipment, such as information industry presents the fast growth trend, especially the industry of information consumption will promote the development of large forging industry, the development of intelligent manufacturing is the current trend.

        With the implementation of the national strategy of "area", forging industry will usher in "made in China 2025" great opportunities, forging enterprises to fully grasp the economic new normal, seize reform dividends, in-depth implementation of intelligent industry, industrial engineering, strengthening the implementation industry transformation development, enterprise culture innovation and development.

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